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Threshold Criteria

In 2014 West Berkshire Council produced the attached threshold criteria document (via the link below) for use by all front line practitioners, to promote a shared responsibility to meeting the safeguarding needs of children and young people.

This document provides a framework for professionals working directly or indirectly with children, young people and families within statutory, voluntary, private and independent agencies.

It aims to help practitioners identify a child’s level of need and to be familiar with the best way to access the support needed. The guidance does not remove the need for workers to make a professional judgment when considering the identified needs of children.

It introduces a continuum of help and support, providing information on the levels of need and gives examples of some of the indicators that can be a sign of a child or young person in need of additional support.

The threshold criteria is currently being revised to reflect current local safeguarding concerns. The new document will be available by October 2018.

West Berkshire Threshold Criteria 2014