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Communications & Engagement Sub Group

The purpose of the West Berkshire LSCB Communication and Engagement Sub-group, is to provide a strategic overview of communications on behalf of the LSCB and make recommendations for the dissemination of key messages across the partnership. To provide advice and to co-ordinate the response to high profile media issues, and monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the communications and engagement strategy.

IMG_1149The WB LSCB Communication and Engagement Sub-group ensures WB LSCB fully discharges its statutory responsibility under the previous Working Together to Safeguard Children 2013 guidance:
‘’Communicate to people and bodies in the area the need to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, raising their awareness of how this can be done, and encouraging them to do so’’ (Working Together 2013)

The objectives of the WB LSCB Communication and Engagement Sub-group are:

  • Build knowledge and capacity across strategic leaders and members of accountable bodies and LSCB representatives to ensure children and young people are safe.
  • Is a multi–agency meeting to support the promotion of a co-ordinated and effective response to the safeguarding needs of children and young people.
  • Is a recognised task group of West Berkshire Safeguarding Children Board, is accountable to the West Berkshire Local Safeguarding Children Board and will report to this group.
  • It will contribute to the aims, objectives and targets outlined in the WB LSCB Striving for Excellence Plan.
  • Will liaise and work with the other relevant LSCB sub groups (e.g. Policy and Procedures, Performance Management, Learning and Development).
  • Will promote and disseminate the work of the WB LSCB group
  • Will communicate the need to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.
  • Will develop and retain oversight of reactive media handling strategies



The Communication and Engagement Sub group is chaired by the West Berkshire, Local Area Commander, Thames Valley Police

  • Head of Communications – West Berkshire City Council – deputy Chair
  • CCG Communications Officer
  • RBHT Communications Officer
  • BHFT Communications Officer
  • TVP Communications Officer
  • Health and Well-Being in Schools Coordinator
  • WB LSCB Business manager